Christmas Parties – Manchester’s Best Venue!

Looking for good Christmas Party Venue in Manchester? Look no further than Barca Bar! Our trendy city-center bar offers all the room and facilities you need for an unforgettable office/client Christmas party, and has been one of the favored party venues among Mancunians of all ages for several years now.

Conveniently located a stone’s throw from the town centre, Barca Bar boasts six distinctive venue halls, suited for all types of Christmas parties. Manchester residents looking to host their Christmas bash at our venue are therefore sure to find the exact room or hall they need, regardless of how large or small their guest list is!

The Rooms

Of the four rooms Barca Bar makes available to its customers, four are available to the general public, while two are exclusively for private hire and partitioned from the rest of the bar. The four publicly available rooms have the following capacities:

• The Catalan Suite seats 80 people;

• The Sheridan Suite seats 100 people;

• The Hucknall Suite seats 100 people;

• The VIP Suite seats 150 people.

The two rooms available for public hire have the following capacities:

The Back Bar seats 150 people;

The Snug Room seats 35 people.

It is evident, then, that when it comes to sheer number and variety of rooms, there are few venues better than Barca Bar for hosting Christmas parties Manchester wide!

The Christmas Menu

Not only do we have rooms fit for all sizes and types of Christmas party, at very affordable prices, we also give our customers a choice of two Christmas menus, regardless of what room they go for! Each room rental package comes with a choice of either a buffet menu or a more traditional, sit-down option, both offering some of the best-known seasonal favourites, as well as a few less conventional options. This way, guests who choose to have their Christmas bash at Barca Bar need not be limited to just one menu for their party!

So if you are assessing all the options for conveniently located, trendy venues for Christmas parties in Manchester, you may find Barca Bar offers everything you may need to have an unforgettable celebration – and more!