Here at Barca Manchester, we believe that some traditions are worth keeping, and there is nothing is more traditional than fish and chips! We are pleased to announce that every Monday right through to Friday we are offering customers Fish Chips and a bottle of wine, for two, for only £20.00.

So what is it about this great meal that we all love? Well, let us go right back to the beginning. The French are said to have invented the fried potato, however, London claims to have invented the fried fish. Perhaps, the earliest mention of the fried fish, was in the Charles Dickins novel ‘Oliver Twist’ written back in 1839. However, the meal wasn’t complete until it was married with what became the working class northern staple food… the chip.

With fish and chips fast becoming a favourite meal for us Brits, it wasn’t long before the country started seeing a wave of fish and chip shops opening up. In fact, the first recorded fish and chip shop is thought to have opened in Mossely, Lancashire, around 1863.

The general public could not get enough of their new favourite meal and so the fish and chip trade continued to grow in Britain, to meet the demand. Some have gone as far as saying that fish and chips fuelled those responsible for the Industrial Revolution.

The love affair with fish and chips continues to this day. There is something strangely satisfying about a chippy tea, this is why we here at Barca Manchester have decided to deliver our own take on the tea time favourite. So, fancy a treat Monday through to Friday? Why not pop down and see us for some fish & chips and a bottle of wine, for 2, for only £20.00. Make sure that you call ahead on 0161 839 7099 as booking is essential.