We here at Barca Manchester are located in one of the nicest regions in the city… Castlefield. Today we will be discussing the place we are proud to call home.

Did you know that the Castlefield area was originally a Roman fort? Hard to believe isn’t it? The ruins can be found just a short walk from Barca Manchester, however, this article isn’t going to be a history on the area in which we are located, no, it is more of a tribute.

The stunning area of Castlefield, located a short walk from Deansgate in Manchester, is one of the nicest areas of the city. Castlefield was awarded its conservation area status back in 1980 and rightly became the United Kingdom’s first designated Urban Heritage Park in 1982. You can appreciate then that the area surrounding us here at Barca is absolutely stunning.

Today the area has an extensive outdoor area, which has been the setting for many outdoor concerts and events, the most recent event being a New Order gig back in June. A busy time for us here ay Barca Manchester as you can imagine.

We are also easy to locate and get to, we are just a short walk away from a great tram network, providing frequent access from those located on the outskirts of Greater Manchester, so there is no excuse not to come down and visit us for a drink or two. Why not treat yourself to some truly scrumptious nosh while you are at it too. Our tasty selection of food can be found here on our menu.

So, there you have it, why not come and see Castlefield for yourself this weekend, and while you are here why not stop off with us here at Barca Manchester for a swift half or too? We look forward to seeing you.