No matter who you are or where you’re from- your wedding day is always going to be the biggest day of your life. Whether you’re the bride or groom, organising the perfect wedding can become something of a stressful idea, as you strive to make sure that everything runs smoothly and, more importantly, that you and your guests take away fond memories of the big day.

Well, the biggest choice you’re going to have to make is where you’d actually like the wedding to be hosted. You might be dreaming of luxurious décor, scenic views and an elegant atmosphere- so your choice of venue needs to be carefully considered before you go ahead and book anything!

Fortunately, we’ve got all three of these appealing elements right here at Barca, which is exactly why we’re one of the best wedding venues in Manchester.

  1. Catalan Suite

One of the biggest reasons we are considered the best wedding venue in Manchester is our gorgeous Catalan Suite. Featuring an elegant design and colour scheme, this function room for hire is absolutely perfect as a wedding venue.


The Catalan Suite offers luxurious décor and stunning views of the canal. With access to a balcony and your own private bar, you’ll soon be breathing in the panoramic views with a good drink in your hand!


  1. Wedding Hosting Manchester

It’s one thing to make a booking at Barca to organise your dream wedding reception, but how wonderful would it be to actually have the ceremony in one of our suites? Well, now you can! Barca now have the facility to host your actual wedding ceremony, so you can now have the entire wedding day right here under one roof!


This is much more convenient than having to worry about shuttling your guests from one venue to another, and lets you relax a little and enjoy the big day!


  1. Food and Drink

Lastly, a big reason you should consider Barca as your choice of wedding venue in Manchester, is the fact that we offer some of the best food and drink around.


With exquisite menu’s offering a massive range of food, we guarantee that we’ll have a little something for all appetites and tastes. You’ll also have access to your own private bar, meaning you’ll have no trouble at all in getting hold of one of our famous Manchester cocktails!

If you’re looking for the best wedding venue Manchester has to offer, then look no further than Barca. Our beautiful location in the heart of Castlefield is bound to take your breath away- but the only way to find out is to come down and see for yourself!