Manchester is one of the most historically jaw-dropping cities on the planet. In recent years, we’ve provided the world with some of the biggest football teams in Manchester United and City respectively; whilst the emergence of Oasis and The Stone Roses reinforced Manchester’s claim to the title ‘capital of music.’

We’ve got gorgeous architecture, booming nightclubs and some of the best food you’re ever likely to taste, while also being at the centre of the worlds of science and history. As the world’s first industrial city, Manchester has always been a city ahead of its time- but you already knew that didn’t you?

Well, what about the stuff you don’t know? Here are our top 3 things you never knew about Manchester…

  • We Are The Home of Vegetarians

That’s right, the start of vegetarianism can be traced back over 200 years ago, when the The Vegetarian Society was created in Salford. It all started in a place called The Beefsteak Chapel (nope, we aren’t kidding), when a Reverend Cowherd started professing the benefits of going completely meat-free. A little while later, The Vegetarian Society was born and the guys over at Quorn finally had someone to sell stuff to.


  • ‘Football’s Coming Home’

You know that big building right by the Market Street tram stop- the one where the likes of Costa and Santander are based? That’s the old site of the Royal Hotel. Aside from being a typically gorgeous example of Mancunian architecture, the significance here is that the Football League was founded in this very place. So, aside from the fact that both United and City call this place home- it’s not hard to see why Manchester is known as the “home of football.”


  • The Curry Mile?

A mile of curry, does it get any better? The Curry Mile in Rusholme is famous across the globe for its tasty dishes and tantalising spices, as a countless array of Asian restaurants and takeaways dominate this section of our fantastic city. Unfortunately, it isn’t a mile though. But the Curry-Just-Over-Half-A-Mile just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, don’t you think?

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