Have you been outside lately? It’s cold, isn’t it? Summers over, that means we can’t enjoy a margarita in our floral shorts and ray bans under the midday sun anymore without being told to move on by the police. That’s right, Winter is on its way; but don’t fret, because before we all get to live our lives in perpetual darkness, we still have Autumn.

Heading down to your favourite bar in the Spring is good, Summer time is pretty great too; but good weather means you’re wrestling for a space and, oh they’ve ran out of ice again. Personally, we think Autumn is where bars really come into their element. When your beer matches the colour of the leaves falling around your head – that’s paradise in Manchester.

It may be getting too cold to sit outside but who cares. That means we can all head inside, snuggle into a comfy booth and get ourselves an old fashioned to warm our cockles. Some of our favourite drinks just go perfectly with the seasons; a sweet cider with a glass brimming with ice on a hot summer day; mulled wine in winter. Autumn is no different; whisky based cocktails or a peppery gin and tonic are the perfect ways to spend chilly evening. With the rain pattering away at the windows there’s nothing better than kicking back in the warmth and sipping one of your favourite ales.

Nobody is venturing outside as much now that the evenings are getting brisker. Which means everyone has a few more pennies tucked away, these are the rainy days we’ve been saving for after all. Take a stroll on a bracing autumn morning and settle down with friends for some hearty comfort food from our new menu here at barca. Those chunky knit jumpers will hide those extra calories.

This is the season when Food and Drink festivals are everywhere; these are the perfect days to dig out your big coat, dust off the walking boots and take a stroll to the nearest Beer festival and bask in the selection of hundreds of craft beers. So, take your pick from any of the great bars Manchester has to offer, and take advantage of the beauty of Autumn.