It is that time of the year again – December is knocking at the door once more, and a large number of people have begun searching for the perfect venue for their Christmas parties. In Manchester, one of the largest cities in England outside of London itself, revellers looking for a venue to hold their Christmas bash are spoilt for choice, but even still, there is one location which stands out as the perfect place to have a Christmas meal or dance: Barca Bar.

Function Room Decorated For Christmas

Function Room Decorated For Christmas

Located in the historic heart of Manchester, Barca  Bar has been recognised for several years now as one of the prime venues for any type of celebration or get-together in the city of Manchester. This venue boasts a number of traits which make it the perfect location for this type of event, and as such, is a popular choice for events and functions year-round – including during Christmastime. In this article, we will be going over a few of those traits, and identifying the main reasons why Barca Bar is the perfect location for Christmas parties!


The Location

As mentioned above, Barca Bar is located in the historic part of Manchester, near the Roman walls, and offers fantastic backgrounds for unforgettable Christmas photos! Not only that, however, the venue also boasts no less than six different rooms, two of which exclusively for private hire, each seating between 35 and 150 people. Guests who choose to hold their Christmas bash at this location are therefore sure to find a room to suit their needs, regardless of the size and scope of their celebration!

Festive Buffet Menu

Christmas Buffet Menu

The Food

In addition to a variety of differently-sized event rooms, Barca Bar also offers guests a choice two distinctive Christmas menus to choose from, each boasting some of the season’s perennial favourites, as well as a few more unusual choices. Therefore, whether the organiser and guests prefer a buffet-style menu or a more traditional, sit-down meal, Barca Bar can offer exactly the right catering choice to complement their holiday get-together!

When both factors above are taken into consideration, it is not hard to see why Barca Bar is the perfect location for Christmas parties in Manchester. The venue’s appealing combination of an attractive location, high-quality food and great service make it a perennial favourite for any type of celebration among Greater Manchester residents, and this definitely extends to the Christmas season as well!