There is constant criticism that too much drink can lead to severe health problems, and throughout the media beer is portrayed to be very fattening and to be a contributor to future health concerns. However, people don’t realise the benefits of drinking beer in moderation, and how one beer a day actually has health benefits.

Healthier Heart

It is scientifically proven that beer drinkers who drink in moderation and have a beer a night have a 42% lower risk of heart disease compared to people who don’t drink at all. If beer is kept in moderation and to one pint a night, at about 5% you could be at a lower chance of developing heart disease.

Boosts your creativity level

After a study in Consciousness and Cognition, it is suggested that after a pint or two you are more likely to be more creative, and have a more creative imagination. The thought process is also quicker after a few drinks, it was shown that after two beers the brain was 0.75 seconds quicker than someone who was completely sober.

Decreases type 2

It has been noticed that people who have drank moderately for over four years having drinks moderately were significantly less likely to develop type two diabetes. This doesn’t mean that increasing your alcohol habits will reduce the chances, it’s all about drinking in moderation.

Help reduce stress and anxiety

Moderate drinking enables us to reduce our stress and anxiety levels, which are both known as contributors of heart disease. According to researchers drinking can lead to the reduction of having a heart attack or possibly reduce the risk of a stroke. This suggests another reason to why beer is very beneficial in moderation to the body.

Lower Calories

Guinness recently released statistics that they have less calories in than drink skimmed milk or orange juice. Therefore, when you are on holiday, don’t feel bad about having that beer for breakfast because calorie wise it’s more beneficial to drink a beer.

Beer has many health benefits, if it is drunk in moderation. Barca Bar Manchester has some of the best beer, make sure you come down and try it out. Enjoying yourself in our new exclusive beer garden!