We’ve got to apologise for any spelling mistakes in this blog post, but the fact of the matter is our fingers are chilled to the bone and we can hardly type. Of course, this might be a bit of an exaggeration, but we don’t doubt that all of you have noticed the sudden drop in temperatures and a very slight coat of frost over everything.

So, as well as grabbing that plush winter coat and wrapping yourself up inside it, you’re going to need a good winter drink to warm those cockles and combat the cold weather for good. Well, we’ve got a quick guide on the best drinks to have this winter…

Irish Coffee

There’s just nothing better than a warm Irish Coffee in the darkest depths of winter- well, maybe a spiced Irish Coffee just about edges it. Comprising coffee (obviously), whiskey, sugar and cream, there’s just no better way to combat the winter woes. This delicious concoction is always incredibly popular this time of year, and it’s the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season in style.

Mulled Wine

Ah mulled wine, a trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets just wouldn’t be complete without it. A beautiful combination of red wine and Christmassy-smelling spices, this incredible drink is absolutely essential for the festive period. Just picture yourself clasping two hands around the lovely and warm mug this Christmas, what could be better?


If you want to really get into the festive season this Christmas, then we recommend trying out a Snowball over the next couple of weeks. This unusual mix of advocaat and lemonade certainly has the potential to knock you off your feet, and this time of year gives you the perfect excuse to give one a try.

Want to get into the Christmas spirit? Then why not try out these tasty winter beverages right here at the best bar in Manchester! We’re the place to be this winter, and you can’t afford to miss out!