Nobody throws a wrap party quite like us! Having most recently hosted Love Island’s summer wrap party in our gorgeous VIP Suite. We love a good TV show wrap party just as much as we love great TV – but where does the magic happen?

The ex-industrial cobbled streets of Manchester make an excellent back drop for any inner-city shoot. The old cotton mills make for some truly stunning architecture and can help set a sign of the times for an era. Take Peaky Blinders for example, set in the 1920’s, filmed around Birmingham of course but the most series took to Manchester’s back streets to set the scene.

Mangle Street in the Northern quarter was but one of many filming locations around the Manchester region. Excitingly the Old Granada studios, just minutes’ walk from Barca Bar in Castlefield, was a prime filming location for the new series of Peaky Blinders. Tommy Shelby’s Gin Distrellery amongst other fictional locations in the Drama were all shot at The Old Granada Studios.

Castlefield’s no stranger to the silver screens though – 24 Hour Party People starring Steve Coogan was also shot on the cobbled streets of Castle Street, Castlefield. The film explores the music scene in Manchester through the decades from the 1970’s up to the 90’s and dips a firm nod to Tony Wilson, who ran Factory Records and founded the legendary Hacienda nightclub – now a rich part of Manchester’s culture and music scene.

If it were filmed today, one would be able to watch the filming of 24 Hour Party People from our balcony at Barca Bar!

If you’re embarking on the walking tour of Manchester’s filming locations in the city centre, you’re sure to come across Barca bar in Castlefield. Walk the same cobbled streets Steve Coogan and Cillian Murphy and trace the steps of the stars from our terrace!