Whether you’re putting on a huge presentation, holding a big meeting or hosting a fun team building exercise, finding the perfect Manchester corporate event venue can prove to be a tricky task. Organising something as fun as a birthday party can prove stressful at times, and these stress-levels are increased even further when it’s work-related.

If it’s fallen on your shoulders to organise the corporate event in Manchester, you’d be forgiven for having a momentary panic as you worry about disappointing your boss and the rest of the staff. From the look of the facilities to the food on offer, there’s a great deal to consider when it comes to organising Manchester corporate events.

But you can let the panic subside a little, because Barca are here to give you a little helping hand.

The Weather

You might think that Manchester is most famous for Oasis or its two massive football clubs, or even it’s love for a good curry. Well, you’d be wrong on all counts there, because the city of Manchester has always been notorious for one very important thing: rain.

We’re not saying that you can control the weather, but if you’re hosting a corporate event in Manchester, you can at least prepare for it. The last thing you want is to end up sat around a table soaking wet and realising that everyone involved in your event just wants to get home and dry.

The Location

When it comes to organising the perfect Manchester corporate event, the location is everything. You want your guests to enjoy themselves, so choosing somewhere with fantastic facilities, a great view and ample space needs to be at the very top of your wanted list.

Fortunately, the answer lies right here with Barca- the leading corporate event venue in Manchester. We offer luxurious suites for events of all kinds, panoramic views of the Castlefield Bowl and enough room for all of your guests! Combine this with excellent customer service and incredible food, and you’ve got yourself a successful corporate event in Manchester!

The Food

Speaking of the food, this is another key element you need to pay attention to. Everyone enjoys a good plate of nibbles and a tasty working lunch, so you’ll be pleased to know that Barca offer an extensive food selection for all corporate events. We’ve got some of the best refreshments you could hope for, making sure that you can put on a corporate event that caters for your individual needs.


If you’re looking to put on the best corporate events Manchester has ever seen, then pick up the phone and make a booking with Barca today- we’re the best bar in Manchester!