With every year there seem to pop up many trends, from American BBQ to Japanese junk food. Though with the summer there has been something else entirely that might provoke some scepticism. Those who frequent London bars might already know, but with the heat that has come over Britain in the recent times, many have taken to drinking a tonic of fruit, sugar and vinegar. That’s right, vinegar! However, it’s not as odd as you might first believe. In 17th Century England, many were not opposed to the idea of drinking vinegar, or ‘shrubs’, drinks that were originally created by placing fruit and sugar together before straining the two into vinegar. However, this isn’t the earliest record of vinegar being used as a complement to other liquids.

The Romans of the 2nd Century were also partial to a little vinegar! Date vinegar was sometimes added to water to make it safe to drink. Also to keep in mind, just two-hundred years earlier it was being used for medicine for a variety of illnesses. However, the drink is most known to those in colonial America who drank it as a fresh mix of vinegars and cool water, to cool themselves down in the warm summers. The tart of the vinegar provides a taste sensation that is somewhat similar to lemonade, and throughout North America, in places such as California and New York, many companies have bottled drinking vinegars for bars and those at home, as soft drinks and mixers for cocktails.

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