These are words that we never thought we’d hear so soon into the World Cup. What a shambles! If England lose against Costa Rica tonight, then this will have been England’s worst ever performance in the World Cup. But even as it stands now, it’s their worst World Cup performance since 1958.

It was a devastating time here at Barca, first seeing England lose against Italy and Uruguay, and then the overly nail biting match between Costa Rica and Italy on Friday, in which Costa Rica won. The fate lied in the Italians hands for England to remain in the World Cup, so we were heavily relying on the Italians to win, but sadly this wasn’t the case. All the teams in our group have won, so it makes no difference other than a little bit of dignity if England wins tomorrow. But hey, all is not lost! The World Cup is only half way through and we’ll still be showing the rest of the matches live at Barca Bar!

It’s not all about the football though is it? Wimbledon starts today! Whey! Let’s hope Andrew Murray can win the title two years in a row. Now Barca Bar is more than just a sports bar, we have room hire in Manchester available, which means you can enjoy the celebrations – whatever they may be in a trendy and popular bar in Castlefield. It doesn’t matter what the occasion may be, we’ll have the event room hire available to suit you.

The sun has been shining all weekend and Barca Bar has been packed with sun lovers and football fans. Let’s just hope the sun is here to stay for the rest of summer, if not, then for a good few weeks.

So if you’re looking for a hot spot to celebrate an occasion and looking for a room hire in Manchester, then get in touch with Barca Bar today.