Christmas is here! With all the vibrant colours, merry music and sheer amount of Celebrations boxes in the supermarket, you’d have to be living on another planet not to realise that Santa Clause is well and truly on his way.

But amongst all of the cheesy songs and glittery bits of tinsel, the key to a traditional Christmas undoubtedly lies in the food. From the mince pies and Christmas puddings to the full turkey dinner, the festive season just wouldn’t be the same if we weren’t able to fill our faces with some of our favourite treats.

Roast potatoes. Pigs in blanket. Parsnips. Christmas dinner is always the highlight of the holiday season, which is exactly why Barca have gone above and beyond to provide the best Christmas dinner in Manchester this year.

Barca Manchester Carvery

Is there anything better than a festive carvery buffet? If there is, then we don’t want to know about it, because it’s just impossible to beat a good carvery dinner.

Barca are offering a delicious carvery at just £15.95 per head, letting you wrap your taste buds around some roast potatoes, vegetables and a wide choice of meat. We’ve got turkey, gammon, roast beef and a tantalising nut roast for any veggies out there!

We even provide some crusty bread as well, so you can either make your very own festive butty or use it to mop up some of that delicious gravy! As for dessert, you can choose between apple crumble, Christmas pudding and chocolate brownie, as we aim to offer one of the most varied carvery dinner’s in Manchester.

Barca Manchester Christmas Dinner

If you’re after more of a sit-down meal than a carvery buffet, then you’ll be pleased to know that we offer that as well.

This menu gives guests a fantastic choice of dishes, as they are able to pick and choose their very own 3-course-meal at just £22.95 per head. With the likes of French onion soup, beef salad and fish available as starters, we can guarantee that we’ve got a little something for everyone here at Barca.

In terms of main, guests can choose from a full turkey dinner, fillet of sea bass, chestnut & blue cheese en croute and beef wellington; while the dessert menu includes Christmas pudding, a cheese board and a trio of chocolate desserts. That’s right, a trio!


Both of these menus are available for all Christmas parties hosted at Barca, and our delicious food is just one of the many reasons we are the best Christmas party venue in Manchester! Contact us on 0161 884 1409 to make an enquiry today!