…Everybody jam…
Jam on cuz Backsreet’s got it,
Come on now everybody,
We’ve got it goin’ on for years.

Well the long anticipated wait is almost over and the 90s boy band will be in Manchester tomorrow evening for their 20 year anniversary tour, and we can imagine that women (and men) everywhere will be overly excited about coming face to face with AJ, Kevin, Brian, Nick and Howie.

Obviously Barca has a reputation to hold and if it was any other boy band whether it’s One Direction or The Wanted, we really wouldn’t be bothered – to put it nicely! But in this case, we are not ashamed to admit that we like one or two of the BSB songs ;). The Backstreet Boys are the definition of a boy band and they still are the only true boy band around! We wonder how many hysteric fans will be gracing our Castlefield bar tomorrow before the concert.

If you are heading our way before the boys hit the stage then take full advantage of our delicious food menu and appetising drinks. You’ll need a good meal for all the jumping around and screaming, and the last thing that we’d want, and you, would be to faint at the Phones 4 U Arena. That wouldn’t be ideal for anyone!

Barca is located nicely in Castlefield, just on the canal side, which makes us an ideal location for food and drinks. If you’re looking to make a day and night of it tomorrow, then start of at the number one bar in Castlefield, and we’re open on Sunday for any morning after hangovers!