This weekend is the last chance to visit the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester and watch in amazement as the Electricity: The Spark of Life exhibition explores how scientists discovered how to tame and manipulate electricity, how to mass produce it and how it’s effected our daily lives in the modern world.


Visit MOSI and get involved in the Distortions in Spacetime activity! Join in the sensory activity that whisks you away through a black-hole experience. Watch before your very eyes as the lasers replicate the cutting, slicing and splicing one might experience in a black hole. Ticket holders will be free to walk through and imagine themselves at the centre of science’s infamous phenomenon, the black hole!


Both activities will be running their last days this weekend at the Science and Industry museum in Castlefield, Manchester and tickets are available on the MOSI website.


The Manchester Science Festival is an annual occurrence, with its hub based at the Science and Industry Museum, the cities various conferences, exhibitions, workshops, games and much more span city-wide for ten days during October.


The festival is in partnership with the University of Salford, Waters and Electricity North-West as well as Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP) and endeavours to open the public eye to the weird and wonderful world of Science.


Most activities are especially aimed at children but are equally as enjoyed by all, so you can nurture your little scientists and pick their curiosity of a weekend with these riveting but educational experiences!


The Science and Industry Museum is open all year round so don’t worry if you miss the Manchester Science Festival! There are always exhibitions cropping up to check out and the permanent fixtures of the MOSI are truly incredible discoveries to behold, you can never just visit once!