Meeting your true love and building a life together is by far one of the most romantic things that any couple can do, and getting married really is the icing on the cake. Weddings shouldn’t be about stress and the bride-to-be transforming into a Bridezilla, the whole planning process should be a happy occasion as it’s all about you.

It is always good to have people on board to help you through the planning process and take any stress away, and that is exactly what we do here at Barca. OK, so we’re not like Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner, but we are good at planning a pretty good after party. If you’re looking for a wedding hire in Manchester, then look no further than Barca bar and restaurant in Castlefield.

Along with our prime location in the historic Castlefield, you will also get stunning wedding photos taken around the most famous parts of this area. As part of your wedding hire package, you will get your own private room hire which can hold up to 150 guests, a private balcony so the happy couple can toast a celebration with all to see, a private bar, fantastic food for you and your guests and we even have an in-house DJ. Our wedding party planners will ensure that your wedding do is one to remember.

Booking your wedding reception at Barca would mean it will be one less thing for you worry about, as we will take care of everything. Sounds pretty good right? You’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing that the main event is in safe hands and to all grooms out there, it will mean you won’t come to face to face with Bridezilla!

Contact us for more information about our wedding hire services in Manchester today.