2017 has been, without a doubt, one of the fastest years in history. It seems like only yesterday we were bathing in the sun and sipping on a pint in the beer garden but, believe it or not, 2017 is coming to an end already.

Well, this means one very important thing: we can start thinking about how to have a New Year’s Eve to remember. This is your chance to kick-off 2018 in style, as well as giving 2017 a proper send off, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got some great plans booked in for December 31st.

But there’s so much going on in Manchester on New Year’s Eve, how can you make sure you don’t mess it up and instead have a night to remember? We’ve got some basic tips on how to ensure your New Year celebration is one of the best yet…

  • Remember To Book

Manchester is a thriving city with a whole host of ways to spend New Year’s Eve, so the last thing you should do is just head out somewhere to see where you end up. Most places will be packed to the rafters on what is undoubtedly the city’s busiest night of the year, and we bet you don’t fancy standing in the freezing cold trying to just get in somewhere!


For a night like New Year’s Eve, you need to plan ahead and book a venue, so that you can guarantee your night doesn’t turn into a disaster! Our function rooms are still available to book for New Year’s Eve, and are absolutely perfect for throwing your own private 2018 bash!


  • Don’t Forget The Countdown

When the champagne is flowing and the beers being chugged down, it can be incredibly easy to lose track of time and actually forget all about why you’re celebrating in the first place. The countdown to the New Year is usually the highlight of the evening, so make sure you don’t forget all about it and end up celebrating fifteen minutes too late!


  • Come To Barca!

We’re one of the best party venues Manchester has to offer, and so we should be your number one choice for New Year’s Eve. Our stunning function rooms for hire are perfect for hosting a night to remember, each coming complete with a private bar and your very own choice of music. We’ll be having all kinds of celebrations in our main bar too, so you can always book to come and join in with the Barca countdown!

If you’re after the best New Year’s Eve party venue Manchester has in 2017, then contact the team at Barca today to enquire about our stunning rooms for hire and incredible New Year plans!