Once you look past all the clouds, rain and general misery that always seem to accompany the month of January, you might just find the slightest hint that love is in the air.

That’s right folks- we’re on the cusp of yet another Valentine’s Day. That means you need to get ordering some red roses, a bottle of wine and ultimately try to think of a great way for you and your partner to celebrate.

In a city like Manchester, you’ve always got a plethora of options available to you. While this certainly doesn’t leave you short on options, it’s fair to say that this could give you a real headache in finding the perfect activity for your date. Fortunately, Barca are here to help.

Have Some Fun

Through the stress of finding the perfect outfit or the best gift, many couples can actually forget the most important aspect of Valentine’s Day: to have fun.

Manchester is jam-packed with great activities for couples to have some fun with, giving you the opportunity to do something a little different this year. From miniature golf to axe-throwing to escape rooms, don’t be afraid to think a little out of the box this Valentine’s Day. After all, you want it to be memorable, right?

Take The Scenic Route

It’s always nice to have something romantic in store on Valentine’s Day, and you just can’t beat an incredible view. You want to set the right mood and tone for the day, and we just can’t think of anything much better than the views available here at Barca.

Overlooking the scenic Castlefield Basin and canal, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more impressive setting for Valentine’s Day in Manchester this year.

Meal For Two

Of course, you just can’t talk about Valentine’s Day without mentioning a romantic meal for two. Barca are offering steak and unlimited prosecco for just £30 on Valentine’s Day (offer running until 18th Feb 2018), allowing you to fill your boots for a whole hour to make your day that little bit extra special.

If you want to spend your Valentine’s Day at the best bar in Manchester, then contact Barca today to book your romantic table for two!