What are you wishing for this Christmas? There are many gifts that you can get, but there’s nothing more special than sitting down for a lovely dinner. Whether you’re eating at home, or are eating out here at Barca, we hope that you have a good time. Food is an important part of our lives, and at Christmas every one of us loves our festive food. If you’ve not given it much consideration, perhaps you should come down to Barca, where our food is always beautifully prepared. We’d love to have you!

Christmas is a special and historic time, and there’s no better place to spend it than in Castlefield, rich with its own history. Of course, we know that Santa would never put his grotto here anymore, but you never know, maybe he’ll be joining us for a special meal! Alternatively, if you’re looking to host a Christmas party or need a function room in Manchester for your event such as a corporate meeting, or a wedding, Barca can offer beautiful rooms and food with great atmosphere. There’s no need to worry about last minute reservations and bookings when you’ve got the whole space to you and your friends. So, why not try it this Christmas? Set in an easy to locate, central Castlefield location, you’ll be coming back for more in no time.

This Christmas, we know you’re looking for some of the best function rooms in Manchester, and at Barca, we’re just waiting for you to call. Our room hire in Manchester has been used time and time again for stunning parties and great events and is known to the locals very well. Give us a call for some more information or to book a function room. We hope to hear from you soon!