You’ve probably heard of Barca Bar, but have you heard about our VIP room? Not many aren’t aware of it, but it’s always available for room hire. If you’re a fan of Simply Red, you might recall that Barca used to be owned by Mick Hucknall. As such, the room was named after the man and styled with every bit of greatness the man had. Situated on our first floor, the large room is perfect for parties and corporate events. If you do end up singing a Simply Red song, we really couldn’t blame you!

With a great view from the windows, the room allows guests to enjoy the view of the Castlefield basin and allows viewing of the railway viaducts. There’s a lot of history both outside and inside the building at Barca, but it’s up to you to make your party go down in history. Of course with us here at Barca there’s always a good party going on.

Even if you’re not looking to host a party, Barca has a fully functional beer garden as well as coverage of Sky Sports, so if you’re just popping in to watch the premier league, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy yourself. If you are looking for function rooms in Manchester, you needn’t worry. We’re the best in Castlefield, and what’s better than Barca for the best room hire in Manchester? We’re convinced that there’s nothing.