We all know that Barca is a fantastic place to come and chill out with a beer or to grab a bite to eat. Following our recent refurbishment, we’re offering a brand new menu that’s absolutely filled with delicious meals- not to mention our sleek, sophisticated new look! With each of our rooms and suites incorporating a fresh design and the bar offering such a great range of drinks, it’s no surprise we’re so busy this summer!

However, what you might not have realised is that Barca is also an incredibly popular choice for people wishing to host some sort of corporate event. Due to the fantastic atmosphere we’re able to provide here, our suites are a great place for you to host your business meetings, conferences or even your annual summer party!

But how do you go about hosting your event at Barca? We’re glad you asked, because we’re going to tell you all you need to know.

  • Choose Your Suite

We offer a variety of different suites here at Barca, with each one of them with their own unique appearance and style. We’ve got the Hucknall Suite, the Catalan Suite and the Sheridan Suite, as well as a spacious main bar area and beer garden. This means you’re able to choose the right room for you, and ultimately hire whichever suite is better for your requirements. You can view more on our suites right here on our site- or you could head down to Barca to take a look and make absolutely sure you’re choosing the right one!

  • Contact Our Team

Here at Barca, we’ve always prided ourselves on our excellent customer service, and placed customer care right in the heart of everything we do. On top of this, we’ve also become renowned for our fantastic room hire service- so when you put these two together, you’re presented with an experience unlike any other! If you want to make an enquiry about one of our rooms, then simply pick up the phone and speak to our dedicated team! We can even speak through your requirements and then advise which of our suites is best suited to you!

Here at Barca, we’re known as the best bar in Manchester, and we’re a perfect place for you to enjoy a memorable corporate event!