It seems that kebabs can save lives. At least, this is what popular opinion is in Broughty Ferry as many takeaways have been granted licenses to stay open until 2:00am on weekdays and 2:30am on weekends. Khans, a popular takeaway on Brook Street, was given license by councillors after they were taken on a ‘culinary journey’ by a solicitor representing the popular eatery. Councillors heard a number of reasons on behalf of keeping the takeaway open, including opinions from local residents who signed a petition to keep the takeaway open. Foods that are high in carbohydrates and fat are said to encourage people to go to bed after drinking, and with the kebab shop being able to open later in the night, inebriated residents would be less likely to set fire to their houses, as well as less likely to commit domestic violence.

Opposing this was local councillor Laurie-Bidwell, who stated that the later opening would cause foul smells as well as anti-social behaviour. However, the owner of Khans, Teyfik Cetinkaya was said to have ran an extremely good business, with no issues having been made with the police regarding anti-social behaviour. The only issue found was that individuals would cause trouble after arriving outside to find the popular takeaway closed.

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