“Ho! Ho! Ho!”

With our Halloween make up and hangover finally starting to wear off, it’s well and truly time for us to get out our winter socks and start looking forward to the merriest time of the year. In just a few weeks, we’ll all be ripping our advent calendars open and generally panicking as we realise that we’ve got an awful lot of shopping to do.

But even before all of that, we can start looking forward to the Manchester Christmas Markets, which arrive in the city centre every year in the middle of November. Set to open on St Albert’s Square (and seemingly every other bit of open space in the city), the Christmas Markets will be upon us once again on November 10th – and will run until December 20th.

So why are we so excited?

  • Mulled Wine

First thing’s first, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without having some mulled wine pass our lips. The fruity scent, the iconic taste- you just can’t go wrong with this Christmassy beverage, and it doesn’t get much better than the wine available at the markets. Wrap your mittens around one of these, and you’ll practically feel as though you’re Santa Claus himself.


  • Food

Who doesn’t like food, right? Well, the Manchester Christmas Markets 2017 looks set to once again provide us with some of the best street food you’re likely to taste. With pancakes, hot dogs, burgers, bratwurst, pretzels and many other German treats waiting to just tickle our taste buds, we just can’t wait for the stalls to open next week!


  • Christmas Feels

The thing we love most about that German Markets is the fact that it gets us all in the Christmas mood and hyped up for the big day. There’s just nothing better than heading to the markets after a hard day at work, where the lights, music and all-round atmosphere are guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit! And if that doesn’t work, then the German beer always helps…

If you’re heading into town to check out the markets, then don’t forget to check out the best bar in Manchester as part of your visit! Barca have got all kinds of Christmas events coming up, so drop in for the best drink of the holiday season today!