It’s a fact that you can’t deny. Alcohol contributes (in terms of health) nothing positive to the body. Providing calories that are not used by the body, too much can often add unnecessary weight to your body that you’ll have to shed off eventually. Your nights out may get very hectic, so it can be very useful to know what to mixers to choose if you’re looking to enjoy yourself whilst keeping your weight at a manageable level.

Sparkling water, for one, is free of calories and any other ingredients, so if you’re a big fan of wine it can be added to your drink to make it last without adding any extra calories like other sodas might. If you’re looking to mix it, vodka and cranberry juice goes great with a little sparkling water. Hot and spicy options include hot sauce and jalapeño peppers that can increase the metabolism of the body and speed up digestion – but only if you’re feeling brave!

If you’re looking for something tangier, lemon and lime juices both provide a kick that can spice up any cocktail or drink. Lime juice is also known to help provide Vitamin C, which helps the body fight colds. This can help as alcohol reduces your tolerance to illnesses. Three sweeter options include adding Watermelon, low calorie orange juice or berries.

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