Whether you’re planning on hosting a meeting, conference or presentation, corporate events can be notoriously difficult to organise. You’re bound to want your guests to enjoy themselves, but then again this is also going to be a work-related event- so a certain sense of professionalism would have to remain.

Finding this balance is incredibly tricky, so you might just find yourself with a bit of a headache as you try to make sure that your event goes down as a huge success. Well, to save you from any scratching of the head, the Barca team have got some top tips for hosting the best corporate event in Manchester.

Sort Out Your Budget

Before you do anything else, you need to settle on a strict budget. This isn’t just a birthday party you’re haphazardly putting together at the last minute, this is something that will come out of your company’s expenses- so you need to have a much better grasp on those purse strings.

Without a clear budget in mind, you’ll end up wasting hours looking at food menu’s and corporate event venues in Manchester that you just can’t afford. You need to know exactly how much is in the bank, so you aren’t tempted to go overboard and can get started on finding the perfect corporate event venue in Manchester.

Find A Corporate Event Venue

This leads us onto our next point, as you’ll need to find a great venue for your event to run smoothly. Well, Barca have become widely regarded as the best corporate event venue in Manchester, due to our fantastic function rooms and impeccable service. Our corporate rooms for hire offer a little something for everyone, meaning that we can cater to absolutely every kind of corporate event in Manchester.

Food and Drink

Lastly, for your Manchester corporate event to be considered a success, you’re going to have to make absolutely sure that you get your choice of refreshments spot on. Barca offer absolutely everything from tasty nibbles to luxurious sit-down meals, so you can certainly count on us to provide exactly what you’re looking for.


With a set budget, the best Manchester corporate event venue and excellent refreshments, you’ll have everything you need to turn your event into a huge success.