Well that’s it guys and gals, the 2014 World Cup is over and Germany have won! Even though it was 0-0 for ninety minutes and it went into extra time, it was a very tense match between the World Cup winners Germany and Argentina. It was definitely one of the best World Cup final matches that we’ve seen and throughout this year’s tournament. We did feel sorry for the Argentinian striker and captain, Lionel Messi and he truly deserved to take his team to pick up the trophy. But he absolutely deserved the Golden Boots prize, as he is a world class player and one of the best on the planet.

But Germany’s young player Mario Götze stepped in during extra time and slid in a goal in the very last minutes, and ultimately, the winning goal. I don’t think people in Barca Bar in Manchester would have been able to cope with penalties, but it may have been an Argentina win and we’d see a very happy Messi today.

Barca Bar in Manchester was packed over the weekend. The sun was shining, so everyone flocked to our beer garden and from all the party venues in Manchester, we came top and without blowing our own trumpet here, we think the special guest was thrilled on Saturday. Of course and we don’t want to take the limelight away from her, but the main even of the weekend (if you haven’t already guessed) was the last two World Cup matches. We had Holland and Brazil battle it out on Saturday for 3rd and 4th place – a pretty pointless match if you ask us, and of course, Germany and Argentina last night. But sadly folks, it’s all over for another four years and we have another four weeks until the Premiership starts again. That’s almost a month with no football!

But hey, on the upside of things, Britain is supposed to receive a heatwave this week and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Manchester sees some of this scorching weather and sunshine. However, tomorrow is St Swithun’s Day, which means if it rains tomorrow, then it is supposed to rain for the next 40 days and we don’t want that! Touch wood it stays clear, we’ll happily take a cloudy day!

Despite the weather forecast and the football easing off for the next four weeks, Barca Bars in Manchester will always have its doors open. Whether you want delicious food and great drink offers, or you’re looking for party venues in Manchester, Barca Bar is the place to be.