What a beautiful start to the weekend and for most, the last working day of the week. It’s Friday, the sun is shining and our guys at Barca bar in Castlefield are cleaning up the outdoor area ready for your arrival. We might even get the BBQ on the go too! We have to admit that Castlefield is the place to be on days like this with the stunning scenery and the canal.

So what can we offer you this weekend? Well great food for a start! Whether we have our BBQ on or not, our food menu has a few summer sizzlers for you, as well as a whole host of other mouth-watering dishes for you to tuck into. We have to admit that we are becoming a very popular choice of restaurant in Manchester! Anyway, Barca also has thirst quenching drink offers available, especially when the football is on and if you’re looking for somewhere to watch the Mighty Reds play against Liverpool tomorrow, then you know where to go, and we are hoping United win this one!

Do you know what’s even better? If you and your friends are enjoying your time at Barca bar in Castlefield that much – which we’re sure that you will be, then you may as well hang around a bit longer for the weekend night to begin. Yes that’s right; we even have a DJ for you bust a few moves to later on in the night. Really doesn’t get better than that!

Now here’s where it really gets good. So you’ve began your weekend with us with what started off as a few social drinks and a bite to eat in the sun, followed by a few more drinks and a dance in the evening, so how about popping back in the following day for a hangover cure? Barca bar in Castlefield really is an all in one place to go!