Whoa! Did you hear the thunder and see the lightening on Saturday night? It didn’t half wake us up that’s for sure! We love a good thunder storm, but that one loud crash with an immediate flash of light at 3am was a frightener! The rain was horrendous though and if you were unfortunate enough to get in it, we can 100% sympathise with you! We got totally drenched, but it didn’t stop us from having fun 😉

Manchester can have the worst storm on record and Barca Bar will still be as lively as ever! The weekend has demonstrated how unpredictable the UK weather can be. It was 27 degrees and sunshine on Friday, heavy storms on Saturday, followed by 25 degrees and sunshine yesterday, and we only have to look at this week’s weather forecast to know it’s going to be a good’un! And, if you were thinking of hitting a few bars in Manchester this week after work, head our way. We have a BBQ, an outdoor bar and the biggest outdoor beer garden with all of your favourite drinks. Plus our outdoor area is all decked up and on the canal front, which is pretty swanky and posh!

If you fancy soaking up (no pun intended) the Manchester sun this week, then head down to Barca Bar immediately! We’ve recently been refurbished and are under new management, and we have become one of the coolest bars in Manchester! Catchya later alligator!