Barca is always looking for ways to innovate. Our rooms are only the best quality, and they match our service. Our ice cold drinks are served with a smile, and our kitchen always has beautiful meals bursting with flavour coming through the door. Many factors go into our business, and that’s why we’re the talk of Castlefield. A major attraction is that we’re the best room hire in Manchester. Many looking to throw parties come to us, and we’re happy to accommodate. Of course, we hope you leave your sadness at the door because there’s no place for that in Barca Bar, only joy and good nights!

And even if you’re not a party animal, we’ve got a beer garden for the scorching days when you just want to enjoy the sun with a pint and some friends. Being a licensed holder of a Sky TV license, we show Sky Sports on all the best premier league matches, so there’s really something for everyone down here at Barca Manchester. So, even if you want a drink whilst watching the match, you can really do that here!

And of course, for those looking for a quiet meal or perhaps something tamer, we offer mouth-watering foods from a diverse menu, so you can dine against the riverside in a great locale. Of course, we are able to host ceremonies as well, so if you’re looking for a wedding venue, we provide the best function rooms in Manchester. Why are we the talk of Castlefield and the best room hire in Manchester? Well, we’re sure you’ll find out once you have a visit.