It might be just a tad chilly outside, but you shouldn’t let the weather get in the way of you enjoying the most magical day of your life. You need to stand up stubbornly to the cold, put on that white dress and defiantly march down the aisle on the coldest day of the year.

“Are you clinically insane?” we hear you cry, “I’ve been dreaming of a sun-bathed wedding for as long as I can remember!”  Don’t worry, folks- we haven’t all lost our marbles over the Christmas period, and we’ve got some very interesting reasons as to why you should certainly consider having your very own winter wedding.

Manchester may feel like the chilliest and wettest place on earth at times, but the winter season could actually be the perfect time for you to have your wedding. After all, what’s more magical than a winter wedding?

Embrace the Cold

Okay, so you’d hope that you didn’t have your wedding in the middle of a blizzard or horrible storm, but we’d argue that you could actually enjoy the drop in temperatures at this time of year. There’s nothing worse than being invited to a wedding and end up melting uncontrollably as you watch the happy couple tie the knot.

The winter period guarantees you a nice, cool temperature, so you won’t have to worry about turning into an ice lolly on a summer’s day, and can instead concentrate on remembering your vows and enjoying your day. Sure, you might get a couple of goose bumps from the chill, but shouldn’t every wedding day involve a goose bump or two?

Ease the Stress

If you’ve never heard the term ‘bridezilla’ before, then that means you’ve probably turned into one and your friends are actively avoiding use of the term.

It’s no secret that wedding days can be stressful. From your choice of cake to the colour of the flowers, you’re bound to want absolutely everything to be perfect… and that includes the weather. When you arrange a summer wedding, you’re bound to have photographs and drinks outside at some point, causing you to fret over whether or not the sun will be shining.

By opting for a winter wedding, you erase this uncertainty and ease the stress on yourself, as most of the day will now take place inside.

It’s Different

Have you ever been to a winter wedding in Manchester before? No? Well then that’s as clear a sign as any that this is a sure-fire way to arranging a truly unique wedding.

Barca are one of the leading wedding venues in Manchester right now, offering you the chance to have a beautiful ceremony and reception all under one roof. Our Manchester rooms for hire are bound to have a little something for everyone, letting you stamp your own personality firmly onto your winter wedding this year.

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