So we’ve licked our wounds from the defeat at the world cup and we’re ready to get back on the international football horse, but what is the UEFA Nations League?

“Out with the friendlies and in with competitive play!” That’s what we say!

The UEFA have spiced up the boring friendly matches by creating the Nations League, with promotion and relegation adding a more competitive edge. Huzzah!

The UEFA have said it gives teams “a second chance” to qualify for the exciting finals tournaments.

Four Leagues

All UEFA members have been ranked into four leagues (A, B, C and D), the best 12 nations in the top division (A) and – you guessed it – D, features the 16 nations who rank the lowest.

All teams in each division play each other twice – once each at home and once each away.

Leagues B, C and D winners will of course be boosted with a promotion and the bottom sides in leagues A, B and C will be relegated for the next edition of the UEFA Nation’s League.

The Nation’s League rankings influence who qualifies for the Euro 2020 – so it is an exciting little addition to football that deserves some extra attention!

Where can I watch?

Barca Bar are showing the UEFA Nations League games on their screens inside the venue. Come down to Catalan Square in Castlefield, Manchester to support your team over a few beers and bite to eat!

Keep your eye on Barca Bar’s website and social media pages for UEFA Nations League games showings and any special offers that are running to add that extra kick into the kick off!