2017 seems to be staking its claim as the fastest year in history, because we just can’t believe that it’s already the start of October. Leaves are beginning their nose-dives towards the pavements as they turn gold and brown, while the streets of Manchester are positively littered with shiny conkers. Autumn is here.

With the weather bringing a bit of a chill and the winds becoming that little bit gustier, it’s only natural that some of you might be tempted to barricade yourself in doors while you wait for summer to arrive once again. But we say “tosh!” to the blustery winds and icy rains, because now is as good a time as any to enjoy yourself at Barca.

In fact, we love this time of year- especially in the build up to Halloween- because now we all have an excuse to try out some of our favourite autumnal cocktails! We’re so excited about it all, we thought we’d run you through our top 3…

  • Pumpkin Martini

Let’s start this off in the most obvious place, shall we? Because you just can’t go through the whole of autumn without trying an absolutely delicious pumpkin martini. This is one of the most distinctive autumnal tastes you are ever likely to find in a cocktail, and it’s absolutely perfect for celebrating Halloween or even Bonfire Night! We’ll take ours shaken, not stirred…


  • Hot Apple Pie

Autumn just wouldn’t be autumn without the sweet taste of warm cider, and so the we think Hot Apple Pie is a cocktail you could really fall for (see what we did there?). Created through a gorgeous blend of hot apple cider, Tuaca liqueur and cinnamon sticks, this cocktail is bound to warm your cockles and make you feel nice and toasty. Perfect for the colder autumnal night, this cocktail is ideal for fighting off any chills.


  • Anything With Whiskey

Okay, so we cheated a little bit, but that’s only because it’s so hard to pick a favourite whiskey-based cocktail. The fact of the matter is that whiskey encapsulates the tastes of autumn which its warm, soothing flavour and tone. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re after a Rustic Manhattan, an Irish Coffee or just whiskey neat, because it’s always guaranteed to make you feel warm and content in autumn.

As the best bar in Manchester, it’s only natural that we’d offer a huge selection of fantastic cocktails for you to try. So come on down to Barca today for the best tastes of autumn and start embracing the colder weather!