Not to put you under any kind of pressure, but the day of your wedding is probably the biggest day of your life. After all, you’re making a life-long commitment to the love of your life and, if that wasn’t enough, you’re doing it in front of all your friends and family.

So it stands to reason that you’ll want the day to run smoothly. From picking out the perfect cake and most beautiful dress, to worrying about making sure everyone has a good time- it all requires a great deal of planning.

But there’s no need to panic, because the team at Barca have put together some top tips on how you can go about planning the perfect wedding in Manchester. You’re welcome.

Prepare For Rain

If you’re thinking of hosting your wedding in Manchester, then you need to be prepared for rain. This side of the Pennines is always drizzling, pouring and, well, just plain wet. So you need to make sure you’ve got some sort of Plan B prepared just in case you’re unlucky enough to pick one of the wettest days of the year.

We’re talking waterproofs and umbrellas for guests and having an indoor area on standby for you to take your wedding photos. There’s nothing worse than getting soaked in a wedding dress, so make sure you don’t take the weather for granted, even if you’ve booked a summer date.

Happy Guests = Happy Wedding

Whether you’re looking to book a Manchester wedding venue or just about anywhere else on the planet, the golden rule to planning a great wedding is prioritising your guests. This might be your special day, but you want people to come away with happy, positive memories and to ultimately enjoy the day.

So this means making sure that everyone’s comfortable during the ceremony; that you’ve got the seating plan absolutely spot on for the reception; and that, most importantly, there’s plenty of fantastic food and drink for everyone!

Embrace The Moment

Finally, the last part of your plan is to throw planning out the window- even if that sounds massively counter-intuitive. When you wake up on the morning of your Manchester wedding day, there’s nothing more you can do. You’ve picked the flowers, arranged the seating and got absolutely everything ready for the big day. Now you need to take the time to enjoy it.

A memorable wedding day is all about soaking it in and enjoying the moment- after all, this is the whole point of all the planning in the first place!

Offering the best wedding venue in Manchester, alongside stunning views of the canal, is Barca. We now have license to host both the ceremony and reception, so you can do it all right here under our roof! Contact us today to enquire about availability!