Barca has been famous for its fantastic drinks and electric atmosphere ever since we first opened back in 1996, and it’s certainly no secret that you need to head on down here if you’re looking for the best night in Manchester. However, what you might not have known is that we don’t just stop at serving a range of delicious drinks, because we also provide a fantastic selection of delicious food.

Following on from our terrific refurb- which you absolutely need to see if you haven’t already- we’ve introduced a brand new food menu! This is absolutely jam-packed with all kinds of different dishes, so we’re incredibly confident in our ability to cater to people of all tastes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re after a sit-down dinner or a quick bite for lunch- because we have a little something for everyone!

But what’s actually on this menu? We’re glad you asked, because the team at Barca are going to run you through some of the things to expect…


We’re now offering an incredible range of delicious sandwiches as part of our food menu, making Barca an absolutely essential pitstop for anyone on their lunch break. From steak and onions for the meat-eaters, to tomato and mozzarella for the veggies out there- our sandwiches are sure to leave the taste buds tingling no matter who you are! Oh, and no meal at Barca would ever be complete without trying The Barca Club, a sandwich which will really make your lunch one to remember!


What kind of kitchen in Manchester wouldn’t offer burgers, right? Well, Barca offer a choice of 4 different burgers on the new menu, and each one is certainly capable of filling much more than a corner or two! We’ve got a Classic Steak Burger and the Chicken Burger for those that just want to keep it simple, while the delicious Halloumi Stack offers an incredible vegetarian offer. But if you’re after a dinner to remember, then we have to recommend the Barca Big One- which includes a 6oz steak burger, smoked bacon, cheese, chicken strips and beef chilli all on one toasted brioche bun! Our mouths are watering just thinking about it…


If you’re just after a quick bite to eat or trying to watch your weight, then you’ll be pleased to know that we have a great choice of salads available. Barca offer sticky beef, Moroccan chicken and Caesar salads to just name a few- and we have to say that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better salad in Manchester!

We’ve got a whole range of other dishes available at Barca, and we’ve merely scratched the surface of our new menu in this blog post. Keep your eyes peeled for another blog on our food in the future, and we’ll take you through the other items on our menu!

Fantastic food, drinks and location combine to make Barca the best bar in Manchester, and you need to pay us a visit today to try our new menu for yourself!