It’s been a week since the World Cup started and what a week it’s been so far. Spain is already out of the World Cup after having a 5-1 thrashing against Holland and a 2-1 lose against Chile. It hasn’t been a great for them and even Brazil failed to win against Mexico at the start of the week. It’s gone off to an interesting start, just not for those who are placing bets!

Barca Bar has been showing all the World Cup matches and we’ve had a great crowd in supporting a variety of teams. It’s great to see so many people unite to support football teams, whether it’s England or Ghana, every team receives a cheer. Of course, the big matches involve England and the next stage of the qualifying round, and we can’t say who will which reach the next round. But what we can tell you is that Barca Bar has a function room hire in Manchester available for you to watch the matches with your friends, family and work colleagues.

But don’t worry; we’re not just about the football so there’s no need to avoid us because we’ll be showing the World Cup. The football is on in a separate room, so you can still come and enjoy a few drinks and a bite to eat with your friends.

So come on down! Barca Bar welcomes everyone and if you’re interested in a function room hire in Manchester, just give us a call. But sadly, we’re going to have to bring this blog to an end as we have to get preparations in order for the England match tonight against Uruguay.